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Eileen Kampfe

Eileen Kampfe has a passion for nutrition and over thirty years of experience.  She is a Certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioner.  Eileen is also a Certified Control Theory/Reality Therapist (CT/RT).  


Her education in herbal medicine began at the College of Natural Medicine while earning a master's equivalency in Cognitive Therapy from the University of British Columbia.  Eileen and her husband, David, founded Kampfe Management Services, a traumatic brain injury center in Portland, Oregon. Here she incorporated her knowledge of herbs, nutrition and cognitive retraining to assist clients in becoming independent once again.  Eileen has studied under Dr. Joseph Montagna, Herbalist Steven Horne (the founder of Tree of Light Publishing), and GAPS founder and neuroscientist Dr. Nastasha McBride, MD.  


Eileen and Dr. Marcus utilize several different modalities, such as the Detoxifying Foot Spa and the Compass to help research each patient’s individual concerns.  Eileen then discusses different types of herbs, remedies, and nutritional eating programs with Dr. Marcus and together they develop a plan of action.  Eileen works hand in hand with chiropractic care to help educate and implement lifestyle changes that promote overall health and wellness.


To schedule an appointment with Eileen, contact the Wellspring Health & Sports Performance at (904) 249-1551.






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