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Coffee or Tea?

We are often faced with questions and concerns surrounding the choice between coffee or tea. For example, which one is better for you? We want you to decide keeping in mind that sometimes its what we consume in our beverage or on the side that can impact the nutritional value.



Here are some tips from Wellspring's Master Herbalist

Both coffee and tea can dehydrate the body- This may cause the body to become acidic, which causes thirst. When drinking coffee or tea make sure to re-hydrate your body with plenty of water or a piece of juicy organic fruit or vegetable.

How do you take your coffee or tea?

Pay attention to what you are adding to your coffee or tea. We suggest using lemon in your tea to add flavor and nutrients. Replacing sugar with raw local honey is a great way to sweeten your beverage in a healthier way.

What are you eating with your coffee or tea?

Most commonly, coffee or tea is accompanied by something high in sugars or processed carbohydrates. We suggest a snack that is higher in protein, such as nuts and seeds with dried fruit.

Make wise choices and enjoy healthier alternatives!

If you are interested in making an appointment to meet with our Master Herbalist please call 904-249-1551.

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