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Master Cleanse

Stanley Burroughs' Master Cleanse

Happy 2017! Are you ready to start the new year on a clean slate? Cleansing your body is an excellent way to flush out stubborn toxins and build up. Below is the Stanley Burroughs' Master Cleanse that we at the office really enjoy.

Required Ingredients

-Organic Lemons

-Organic Grade B Maple Syrup

-Organic Cayenne Pepper

Organic cayenne seems to be less "hot" than cheaper store brands, so this may be an incentive to spend the extra money on this. Only use fresh lemon juice, not packaged.

In Burroughs' Master Cleanse Booklet, it states to use 2tbs of lemon juice and 2tbs of maple syrup per 10oz of water plus 1/10 of a tsp of cayenne or more if desired. If mixing half a gallon to lose body weight, then use half gallon of water, 6oz (3/4 cups) of lemon juice, and 6oz of maple syrup. Less maple may be used if weight loss is desired, or more may be used if weight gain is the goal. Many have found using 4oz of maple syrup is desirable for taste 1/2-3/4 tsp of cayenne per half gallon is a good start. You may work up to more to taste or for deeper cleansing benefits. Some may use as much as 3tbs of cayenne!

The purpose of the lemon is to help alkalize and cleanse the system. It also helps sustain minerals so you do not starve your body. It is important that the amount of lemon is not varied during this fast.

The Grade B maple syrup is a darker amber color and is higher in nutrients along with providing balanced sugars that will help you sustain energy during the fast. Other sweeteners such as honey, sugar, or sucrose should not be used. The maple syrup is not just for taste but also for nutrition.

Cayenne pepper functions to raise the body temperature to help with pathogens and mucous, which can be associated with Candida. It also purifies the blood throughout your body which helps increase blood circulation. The cayenne is very important in higher levels if fasting during the colder months.

Drink at least a half gallon, preferably the full gallon throughout the day. If you have a higher body weight, closer to a gallon should be consumed. If you are of lower body weight, the half gallon may be consumed up to the full gallon. This is considered your food source, so drink a 10oz glass whenever you feel hungry. It is important to carry this with you so you will not be tempted to get food when you feel the need for energy.

Being prepared is key for the success of this program. If you are under weight, more maple syrup may be used, and if you are concerned with being over weight, less may be used. The normal amount may be sweet for some.

For cleansing the bowels of any material that may be left behind, you would drink a cup of laxative tea in the evening. "Get Regular" by Yogi, or "Smooth Move" by Traditional Medicinal are good to take. If taken before bed, bowl movements may occur in the night. Note that "Get Regular" tea has more nutrients for liver support.

Baja Gold Sea Salt flushes are recommended each morning on the cleanse. If you do not have Baja Gold Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan salt is an acceptable replacement. This can be achieved by using 2tsp of salt in 32oz of purified water. Drink this mixture in a short time (approx 15-25 minutes). If more salt is needed, more may be added to achieve a proper flush. Stay close to a bathroom as you may start to flush in 20 minutes to an hour.

The night before starting, drink a cup of laxative tea. Start the morning with a Baja Gold Sea Salt flush (laxative tea may be substituted is desired.) Drink the lemonade mixture as your food. Each night before bed drink a cup of laxative tea to finish the day.

Water may be consumed as much as desired. The longer a fast is done, the more care must be taken in breaking the fast. The cleanse is suggested at least 3 days; most will do 10 days up to 40 days. Please discuss a 40 day fast with your doctor for any concerns. Eating soft foods such as apple sauce and lightly steamed vegetables is good the first 1-3 days after the fast. Progressing into more raw vegetables and salads is also preferred until the system is ready to handle meats and the right kinds of grains. Supplement your fast with digestive enzymes if support is desired.

Please refer to the "Master Cleanse" by Stanley Burroughs for further information.

***This information is for educational purposes and is not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease.***

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