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ACV: Fad or Fact?

If you haven't heard, there's a "new" fad sweeping the nation and it stems from an old wives tale. Apple Cider Vinegar (lovingly coined ACV) has resurfaced and is making a comeback. But is this just a fad geared towards those who are looking to shed a quick couple of pounds, or is there actual health benefits to back up this seemingly "cure-all" tonic? We consulted with our herbalist to get the skinny on ACV and found out some very interesting facts!

Apple Cider Vinegar, when mixed with common household ingredients, can actually help with a number of things:

- Calm an upset stomach

- Ease cramps

- Sooth sprained and sore muscles

- Control of appetite

- Relief from coughs and nausea

- Arthritis pain

- Alleviate hiccups

- Cool a sunburn

- Boost memory

- Reduce sore itchy throat

- Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

- Eliminate bladder infections

- Scare away a cold

- Treat burns

- Aid digestion

- Treat blemishes and age spots

- Remove corns and calluses

- Helps reduce allergic reactions

Brings new meaning to "An apple a day,

keeps the Doctor away" !

So what happened? How did we lose sight of this reliable and handy restorative that we've had in our kitchens all this time?

60 years ago a daily dose of an apple cider vinegar and honey mixture was a well known and often used medicine. However, during the last 30 years prescription drugs have replaced this time-tested remedy by utilizing claims such as "wonder drugs" and playing to the ease-of-use factor by putting these drugs in a one-time no-taste pill format. Unfortunately, as result we are now seeing a rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria and flu viruses, chain-reaction symptom complications and not to mention major dependency issues. Is it time to get back to nature and let her do what she does best? Most are saying "yes!" and are enthusiastically embracing their long lost friend.

But beware the short cuts!

Nowadays the trend for taking ACV is to do a quick spoonful every morning, but our herbalist says "No way, Jose!!" Apple cider vinegar is very acidic, and although that is one of the reasons why it provides such great medicinal properties, when taken on it's own it can be too much and almost damaging to our sensitive systems. As tempting as it may be to do a 5 second swish and swallow as we run out the door, the best way to reap all the benefits from your elixir of life is to mix it in with something. Our herbalist recommends organic raw honey as her number one choice. The enzymes and natural sugars in honey help to metabolize the vinegar and act as a safety buffer from the harmful effects of too much acid. Plus it helps with the taste too!

In close, it looks like this fad is one of the few that has some solid roots and a good reason to look further into it! Just make sure you're saving your teeth and esophagus and add in some honey to sweeten the deal. :)

***This information is for educational purposes and is not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease.***

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