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It's All About Prevention

As we enter the holidays, we also enter into cold and flu season. Perhaps it is the candy that starts filling the stores or the sugar that consumes our thoughts from the end of October thru the NewYear. Maybe it is the stress of wrapping up work, attending multiple events, or the stress associated with this time of year. Whatever it may be, this is the time of year when our bodies become run down. Viruses attack through the ears, nose, mouth, and eyes (pink eye). Below is a recipe that can travel with you (we love to use it when traveling on planes) to build up your immune system. After all, it all about prevention!

Virus Salve Recipe

1 oz. Jar Golden Salve

20 drops Tea Tree Oil

10 drops Lavender Oil

10 drops Sweet Thyme Oil

5 drops Eucalyptus Oil

Mix all the ingredients together in a small container. Place a small amount on your fingertip and slightly brush salve in nostrils and inside the ear. You can also apply the salve to your lips.

***Products listed above are from Nature's Sunshine Products. If you are not a member and need a sponsor, feel free to use ours: 215986.

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