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Recharge for the Fall!

How Do I Support My Immune System?

Things such as mind-body harmony, sleep, nutrition, and exercise work together to provide us with a strong immune system. When this system becomes weak, your body may experience “dis-ease." The sick feeling we experience is a cry for help from the hurting immune system.

When external and internal factors around us change, we start to become more vulnerable. The environment, nature's patterns, and sunlight intake all play key roles in our health. Internal conflicts such as a disrupted sleep pattern or excess intake of refined foods may also disrupt the body's balance. Since change is constant in life, it is vital to check in with the body periodically to see if it's in need of a tune up.

Can I Recharge My Body?

The human body may greatly benefit from being recharged. There is more than one way to go about doing this, of course. In this post we will focus on one therapy that is a great start to cleansing and recharging—an ionic foot detox. An ionic foot detox is a natural healing device that helps the body reset. Many pollutants and carcinogens can deter our natural detoxification process so our bodies may need help maintaining a harmonious balance of hydration and detox.

The human body functions off electromagnetic signals that continuously travel back and forth from the brain to each area of the body. The ionic foot spa module sends super charged electromagnetic signals to the trillions of cells within us. This helps rejuvenate cell energy levels and facilitates waste disposal. With improved cell balance, communication between the brain and body improves as well—so the body can begin doing its job properly again!

How the Wellspring Foot Detox Works

The water module device is placed in the bath water around your feet. It transfers electromagnetic signals into the water around your feet, then the “charged” water is absorbed through your open pores. When the body absorbs this vital energy on a cellular level, it becomes balanced and is able to dispose of toxins.

We take it a step further by mixing in Hydrogen Peroxide to help fight off viral infections. Hydrogen Peroxide has gained recent attention thanks to people like Dr. David Brownstein. Studies show it has the ability to fight upper respiratory infections, especially when diluted and inhaled through a nebulizer.

Hydrogen Peroxide is actually found all throughout the human body, it sits inside and outside of our cells waiting for pathogens. It will react if it comes in contact with the iron that is found in pathogens. The result is a rapid breakdown that changes Hydrogen Peroxide to potent oxidizing agents known as hydroxyl radicals. These radicals are then able to kill any pathogens present.

At Wellspring, we incorporated this concept to promote elimination of viral bacteria when soaking in the foot spa. The anti-bacterial agents found in Hydrogen Peroxide are absorbed through the open pores in the feet, allowing patients to get the most cleansing benefits. Are you ready to recharge, release, and reset?

Schedule your foot detox today on SKED or call/text the office to make an appointment (904) 249-1551.

*This information is for educational purposes and is not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat any disease.*

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