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For new patients.

Why do most people visit chiropractors?
Most people will wait until they are suffering from intense pain, whether from an auto accident or other causes, to call a chiropractor. Simple symptoms you can observe, prior to pain, such as stiffness and loss of motion are often overlooked. Both of these are early indicators that your body is not fully functional. It is important to visit a chiropractor to have these warning signs properly evaluated.

What can I expect on my first visit to your office?
Our goal for each new patient is to become a partner with them to bring them to total wellness. For this reason, we desire for all patients to be completely at ease from the beginning. First,  your doctor will listen to the individual as they explain their problems and answer any questions or concerns. Then a thorough examination is performed and an explanation is discussed with the patient about what has been found is shared with the patient. There will also be a connection between the findings  and the patients reason for concern that brought them into the officer. Finally, an individualized plan for each patient, detailing the treatments and lifestyle changes needed to return the person to a state of total wellness is discussed with the patient. This is when any specific adjustments are made to the patients body. Remember, our goal is to look at the entire body, which means adjustments may be made to other areas of the body as well as the spine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Back pain.

Why do so many Americans suffer from back pain?
It is our belief that the major cause of back pain and injuries seen is due to the lack of education in taking care of our bodies. More than 80% of adults in our country will suffer with back pain. This the the why back pain is the second largest complaint to all doctors (aside from coughs and colds). People simply do not understand the importance of treating your body like a fully functioning machine. A machine requires routine maintenance in order to perform optimally.

"Another reason for back injuries is that people must become educated on the concept of total wellness. Many people seek medical care to relieve pain with drugs, rather than to foster a health-supporting lifestyle. To achieve total wellness, each person must take personal ownership of their health through education and practical application of nutrition, exercise, and chiropractic care."

Should I see a chiropractor for pain other than back pain?
Of course! A spinal or extremity problem may actually produce pain elsewhere in the body, known as referred pain. A good example of referred pain is the left arm pain felt by a person experiencing a heart attack. The brain-body system is complex and uses many overlapping pathways for pain, making referred pain in another area is quite common. We treat many cases of referred pain which were originally based in a spinal problem. 

Chiropractic Care.


How does chiropractic care work?
When explaining chiropractic care to new patients, think of the use of a computer as a metaphor of the body. Like your body, a computer is constantly fed information, both good and bad. When enough bad data is stored in its system, a computer begins to malfunction. The body works in the same manner. Most of our body mechanical problems stem from dysfunction. Dysfunction causes overload! The role of chiropractic care is to correct the dysfunction, remove the dysfunction overload, and send in good data, which enhances wellness.

Does chiropractic care treat only back injuries?
Chiropractic care can treat symptoms of all kinds because physical symptoms can simply be the result of a dysfunction in the brain-body connection. In fact, 90 percent of our patients do not have pain caused by a disease or infection. Many patients suffer from pain that is caused from muscles or joints that are not functioning properly. This causes negative stress in other parts of the body. Chiropractic care is very effective in alleviating pain and correcting problems throughout the whole body.

Is chiropractic care ever dangerous?
"Chiropractic care is one of the safest remedies of health care available! Complications associated with chiropractic care and treatment are extremely rare. It is our belief that chiropractic is 100 times safer than any other medical treatment. Chiropractic care alleviates the risk of toxic effects and addictions to prescription drugs, while also avoiding the possibility of infections and complications experienced with surgery. Please feel free to discuss any concern that you may have directly with your doctor.

Will I need to continue chiropractic visits after my pain is gone?
Your pain is a symptom that your brain creates as an indicator of poor functioning. However, you can have an injury or dysfunction for years prior to the onset of pain. Degeneration of our skeletal systems starts painlessly in our youth, just like heart disease! It would be wrong to assume that when the pain is gone, the body has been able to returned to an optimal performance level. Just as heart patients must make major lifestyle changes to avoid more serious episodes, your body needs continuous maintenance for maximum health. For instance, if you do not care for your teeth with routine cleaning and flossing, you may experience more serious health problems later on. Likewise, to live relatively pain-free and maintain correct functioning of your body, you should schedule routine visits to the chiropractor even after the pain is gone. Just like you schedule routine checkups with your dentist!

For pregnant women.

If I am pregnant, how can chiropractic care help?
Expectant mothers often feel pain in their lower back, so they believe their lower back is not functioning properly. During pregnancy, however, the upper back experiences the stress of the abdomen's heavier load, placing excessive force on the lower back. Gentle chiropractic care creates a balance and equilibrium between the upper and lower back to reduce stress and eliminate lower back pain. Many women choose to receive chiropractic treatment until the time of delivery. 

For children.

How can I recognize that my child might need chiropractic care?
If a child is in pain, the most obvious sign is a sudden change in their behavior, attitudes, and play habits. Chiropractic treatment can be very helpful in solving the child's spinal problems. From infants to teenagers, chiropractic treatment has proven to be effective and safe.

For athletes.

Why would a healthy athlete need chiropractic care?
Healthy athletes are actually not a normal part of our population. They are constantly subjecting their bodies to higher levels of stress (runners, Cross Fit paticipants, body builders,etc) creating strain on the body that is unknown to the average person. An athlete or any active person must make sure they are utilizing full range of motion and proper body maintenance, through stretching, nutrition, and chiropractic treatments. In fact, many professional athletes, including the Jaguars and PGA Golfers, get regular adjustments.

For older adults.

What common issues does the geriatric population face?
For the geriatric population, remaining functional is very important. As people age, their tendons, muscles and ligaments tend to stiffen and do not stretch and move as in youth. Chiropractic care uses gentle spinal manipulations and neuromuscular therapy to improve movement and flexibility for our geriatric patients. They often report feeling young again. Cox™ distraction techniques are known for helping to restore motion in stiff backs.

Neuromuscular Therapy.

What is neuromuscular therapy?
Neuromuscular therapy is a specialized form of muscle massage. Most of the body is composed of muscle tissue, generating many symptoms from its sensors. Neuromuscular therapy addresses certain conditions by physically treating the muscle. This type of therapy aids the body in the healing process, offers significant relief to most patients, and enables soft tissues to repair faster.

Nutritional supplements.

How do nutritional supplements enhance chiropractic care?
Nutritional supplements are actually important biochemicals that should be contained naturally in our food. However, our food sources have changed dramatically over the years, and many natural ingredients are lost in processing and packaging food. Professional nutritional supplements provide the body with the proper amounts of nutrients in the right combinations of types. High-quality nutritional supplements can improve healing and functioning of the body by eliminating the deficiencies in our processed foods.

How can I know I am buying high-quality nutritional supplements?
Consumers have to do their homework. It is important to buy products from a reputable company that provides adequate testing, high-quality ingredients, and proper technology. Consumers can expect to pay a little more for quality, because it costs a manufacturer to operate at a high standard. Please search our blog for the * questions that everyone should ask their supplement company.

Total wellness.

What does it mean when a person has achieved total wellness?
Ideally, everything in our body is functioning properly and in harmony. The brain must function in harmony with all the cells and organ systems to perform at an optimal level. In addition to proper functioning, a person must also receive adequate amounts of sleep, nutrition, and exercise to balance all aspects of their life. Total wellness can lower stress levels that would create negative effects on the body.

Why should a person spend all their time, effort, and money on a total wellness program when all they really want is medication?
Our first question would be why would you want medication? Medicine is useful, certainly, but many times it can only soothe pain symptoms without really addressing underlying causes. Additionally, anti-inflammatory medications like Vioxx, Tylenol, and Aspirin have proven harmful for chronic use. Additionally, many of the side effects will only create more problems within a different area of the body. Education for the individual becomes key to understanding the body. A total wellness program is individually tailored to educate both the mind and the body in maintaining optimal health.

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