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Herbs, Nutrition and Lifestyle


At Wellspring Health & Sports Performance, our RCA collaborates with a Florida-licensed Chiropractor to provide a natural, holistic approach that educates the client on his or her needs- rather than just the problems. Other considerations that effect the individuals health and nutritional needs and emotional state, are also addressed. A step is to take a Body Terrain Assessment which the Master Herbalist can use to determine a course of treatment. Other assesments can be done through Energizing Foot detox and intake evaluation.


Herbs, nutrition and changing your lifestyle  doesn't happen overnight,  it is a process. But, patients who follow Wellspring's educational suggestions for supplemental and dietary options can expect to increase their recovery speed.


Chiropractic care along with tools to promote a healthy lifestyles can be beneficial in understanding and approaching the following issues: 

  • Digestive or Liver Issues

  • Urinary Dysfunction

  • Infertility

  • Cardio-vascular Problems

  • Respiratory Issues and Allergies

  • Muscular Skeletal Problems

  • Nervousness and Stress

  • Dermatological Health Issues


Eileen Kampfe, our Master Herbalist, practices the benefits learned from a combination of modern scientific research and traditional Eastern wisdom. As it currently stands, herbal medicine is not recognized by the state of Florida.*


Although certain non-prescription supplements have become popular over the past twenty years, they are still poorly understood by the general public and many medical practitioners. Herbal medicine focuses on the body's natural balance and harmony as the keys to successful preventive medicine and natural healing for conditions. 



If you are interested in learning how to better your life, give us a call at 904-249-1551 to schedule your consultation with a Master Herbalist.


*any nutritional advice or supplements provided to you is done so in the capacity of a Registered Chiropractic Assistant, under the supervision of a Florida-licensed chiropractor.

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