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Colostrum Health Benefits

What is colostrum and how does it relate to your health?

Colostrum is a thin, yellowish fluid that is produced within all female mammal's milk just prior to giving birth. It is transferred from mother to infant during breastfeeding to help protect the infant from infections and toxins, thus it is a crucial source of nutrients for children to receive during their early stages of life. Colostrum contains an abundance of nutrients and is rich in proteins that help fight bacteria and germs.

Once a mother has given birth, her colostrum levels peak when she begins to breastfeed her infant. This increase in colostrum tells the infant's immune system to begin fending for itself. Colostrum is not only necessary for human survival, but it has also proven to increase our ability to fight cancer because:

1. It is a critical source of nutrients.

2. It is essential for the immune system to properly develop and thrive.

3. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

4. It kills microorganisms.

5. It helps treat metabolic conditions.

6. It strengthens our immune system.

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